If you live in Valencia city, we can meet at your home or in our studio. You decide!

clases de piano en modadlidad presencial
Educacion musical continuada

Face-to-face classes take place at the student’s home or in our private studio, where we have an acoustic piano and all the bibliographic and didactic tools at hand. Where are we?

Clase de musica presencial

For home classes, a suitable instrument and a chair that adjusts to the required height for proper posture must be available. Blog: How to choose your instrument.

Educación Musical

To have lessons at your home it is important to have a proper instrument and a quiet environment.

Registro diario de estudio

We recommend keeping a study diary where you can record your goals, practice plan and any concerns that may arise. It is undoubtedly a phenomenal tool to jointly visualize the aspects to be worked on and progress towards the objectives to be achieved.

We suggest the following lesson frequency and duration according to the student’s age:

AgeSuggested durationSuggested intensity
4 to 7 years40 minutes: 30 minutes of piano + 10 minutes of music theory and movement activities2 classes per week
8 to 11 years40 minutes1 or 2 classes per week
12 years and older1 hour1 weekly class


Piano lessons with integrated music theory*
*Teacher at home: Additional fee depending on the area.
Length per session30 minutes40 minutes60 minutes
Individual lesson plan€ 20 € 23 € 30

Learn to play piano no matter your age, we offer personalized lessons for all ages and levels.

Children’s classes

ilustracion de oruga clases para niños

From 4 years old and up. Face-to-face lessons of up to 40 minutes.

Classes for adults and young people

ilustracion de dinosaurio clases para adultos

From 12 years old and up in all levels. Classes of 1 hour.


 All lessons will be held following Covid-19 health regulations: use of face mask during indoor activity, hand washing and keyboard cleaning before and after each lesson and ensuring proper room ventilation.