Our lessons are more than just learning how to play the piano

Llega a tus metas musicales

We aim to develop a fun, safe, nurturing environment that will teach children social skills, self-expression, develop musical taste, creativity, analytic thinking, spatial awareness, concentration, patience and discipline.

We have experience working with children as young as 4 years of age. From the very first lesson we aim to encourage good posture, healthy technique and effective study habits while keeping our students engaged and motivated. During our lessons we will play with didactic toys, board and card games, we will write our accomplishments and goals in a music journal, we will use our imagination to set different moods or scenarios to our music performances.

Method books and music

We have an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of initiation methods for children. Each child has very different pedagogical needs and that is why we do not impose a single method on our students. We use a combination of traditional and modern piano method books. 

For children who are at an early stage at the piano, we work with the following methods:

  • Piano Adventure Series
  • Piano Safari
  • Suzuki Piano School
  • Tales of a Musical Journey
  • Hello Piano
  • Music Moves for Piano
Métodos de piano para niños
Repertorio y temáticas variadas

For intermediate and advanced students, we carefully choose the repertoire and music styles.

We combine composers from different historical periods of the piano with current composers and pedagogues from different parts of the world.

Our library of music is growing constantly. We love to teach music from composers from different musical periods, geographical locations and with different composing music styles. Our student’s repertoire can include classical pieces, jazz, blues, samba, salsa … and piano adaptations of video game, anime and movie music compositions.

Why learn to play an instrument?

Music has been shown to have a positive impact on memory and self-esteem. By providing music education from an early age, children will be able to memorize and perform musical pieces with ease. Learning to play the piano can be a much simpler process compared to other instruments, and in turn  it becomes more satisfying and enjoyable for the students.

somos Creativos

Classes tailored to your needs, musical preferences and objectives

We know that each student presents unique challenges and that each case requires a personalized lesson plan. Our lessons are adjusted to those needs and objectives. We aim for our student’s satisfaction throughout the process and the fulfillment of their goals from the musical, academic and personal side. We are prepared to teach you in a comfortable and different way.

aprendemos Jugando
Starts from scratch without prior knowledge

We adapt the topics and theoretical-practical exercises according to age and progress.

¿Por qué aprender a tocar el piano?
Preparation for the piano and musical language exams at the Conservatory of Musico

We customize your preparation for the entrance exam to the conservatory at any level.

Piano and musical language reinforcement classes at the conservatory of music.

Weekly complementary sessions for conservatory students.

somos Bilingues
Piano lessons in English and Spanish

Lessons for native students and students who prefer to learn while practicing a second language.

Study plans:

We recommend 1 to 2 lessons per week with an intensity of up to 60 minutes per session. The modules, repertoire and methodology will be adjusted according to the needs identified by the teachers in the exploration sessions. The following table explains the suggested plan according to age range:

AgeSuggested durationSuggested intensity
4 to 7 years40 minutes: 30 minutes of piano + 15 minutes of music theory and movement activities2 classes per week
8 to 11 years40 minutes1 or 2 classes per week
12 to 16 years60 minutes1 weekly class

Tailor-made lessons in and out of the classroom. Learn to play the piano in our studios or in the comfort of your home online or at home:

Face-to-Face Lessons for Kids

clases de piano en modadlidad presencial

In the classroom or at home. You decide! Coverage for classes in Valencia, Spain.

Online Lessons for Kids

Clases de piano online

Online lessons of 30, 40 and 60 minutes with an intensity of 1 or 2 times a week.