The only thing you need is a musical instrument (acoustic piano or keyboard) and an open mind ready to learn.

Conocimiento artistico

Yes, learning music takes time and patience, but you can also have lots of fun in the process. We firmly believe that absolutely anyone, at any age can learn how to play, regardless of their musical background. If this is something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while, we encourage you to hop right in, you deserve to give it a try!

We will adapt our lessons to your work schedule and learning pace. Adult students usually have very specific goals or motivations in mind: some students prefer to learn music by ear or imitation instead of music reading, other students just want to learn how to improvise or play music from a specific style or composer, others just want to learn alongside with their children to be able to accompany them in their music learning process.


Why learn to play the piano?

The piano is also an ideal pastime to keep your brain active and healthy while helping you break away from routine and reduce stress levels. Playing a musical instrument is proven to develop skills related to memory, attention and coordination. Most importantly, playing the piano is a fun challenge that you can share with friends and family.

¿Por qué aprender a tocar el piano?

Piano lessons for adults and young people adjusted to your pace according to your needs and goals

As a student you have different challenges and objectives. That is why we bet on a dynamic process, with classes that are functional to the musical, academic and personal goals of each student. We have prepared a whole methodology to teach the piano in a satisfactory and different way.

Comienza desde cero
Start from scratch at any age

Flexible start: adaptable themes and theoretical and practical exercises, depending on your tastes and progress.

Educación Musical
Prepare yourself with the piano and musical language exams at the conservatory

If you imagine yourself studying music at a professional level, we will help you prepare for auditions and entrance exams to Conservatories or Universities.

CLases de refuerzo para jóvenes y adultos
Piano reinforcement and improvement classes

If you have been learning on your own for some time, we can advise and guide you on how to continue and improve your process.

somos Bilingues
Piano lessons in English and Spanish

Lessons for native students and students who prefer to learn while practicing a second language.