Why learn piano with online lessons?


People tend to believe that online piano lessons via video-conference platforms will not be as high-quality and productive as an in-person lesson. The physical distance between the teacher and the student seems like a huge obstacle that will impede proper communication and engagement during the lesson. 


Our experience, though, has proven otherwise. Online lessons can be as engaging as in-person and encourage the use of visual aids, apps and games that didn’t belong to a traditional piano lesson before. The use of technology allows us, as teachers, to create all sorts of activities and new ways to interact with our students.


The best part is: the student doesn´t need to be a technology expert. 


If you feel like you need assesment on how to use any of your devices for an online lesson, don´t worry! Schedule a free Meet-Up Lesson and we will address any concerns and technical difficulties.

How does it work?

Educacion virtual a distancia

We use Zoom as our main video-conference platform. We configure the audio in “music enhanced mode” and with “original sound on” to optimize audio quality. We use a condenser microphone and two sets of web cameras that will allow us to show our piano from an over view and side view.

Como funcionan las clases de piano online

During the video call, the teacher always makes use of an external condenser microphone and two cameras that will alternate according to the needs of the class. Over-view camera allows the student to clearly visualize our hands and positions on the keyboard. Side-view camera allows the student to visualize our face and body movements (arms, wrists and shoulders).

What do you need?


  • High speed internet connection
  • Be connected via LAN cable (ideally).
  • If, on the other hand, the internet connection is wireless (wifi), we recommend that the device used for the video call be as close as possible to the router.
  • A piano or keyboard(Click here to read how to choose your instrument).
  • One or two devices that are compatible with zoom or hangout video-conference apps. Ideally, a laptop and a tablet or cellphone.
Clases de piano online

We also offer an individual class specialized in music theory, where we perform musical exercises outside the piano: solfège, dictation, writing.

We suggest the following lesson plans according to the age of the student:

AgeSuggested durationSuggested intensity
4-7 years30 minutes 2 classes per week
8-11 years40 minutes1 or 2 classes per week
12 years and older1 hour1 weekly class


Piano lessons with integrated music theoryMusic theory class
Length of each session30 minutes40 minutes60 minutes40 minutes
Individual lesson plans€ 20€ 23€ 2822 

No matter the age, the level or the place where you are located. At Pianetarium we have fully customized virtual classes.

Specialized virtual piano lessons for kids

ilustracion de oruga clases para niños

From 4 years old and up. Face-to-face lessons of up to 40 minutes.

Online piano lessons for adults and youths

ilustracion de dinosaurio clases para adultos

From 12 years old and up in all levels. Classes of 1 hour.