Daniela Ocampo

I have more than 10 years of experience guiding my students piano process and cultivating their passion for music. I am interested in promoting the understanding and enjoyment of music not only from technique, solfège, theory and history, but also from improvisation, composition and ear training.

Daniela Ocampo

About me

Profesora de piano Daniela Ocampo

The colombian pianist has performed  in several festivals and concert series such as  Pianissimo  (Colombia),  Piano Festival of the Americas (USA), Festival Nacional de Piano UNAC (Colombia), Escenario Joven (Spain), Viernes de Musikeon (Spain), Mélange (Austria). In 2014, she was invited to go on tour with  A Puro Tango Show  in USA, Peru and Ecuador. Since then she has been focused on performing and researching about tango and latinamerican music, attending international events, such as “Encuentro de tango para músicos 2017” in Argentina, and taking part of the album recording “Piazzolla en mi piel”, by the argentinian singer Graciela Di Palma.

As enthusiastic teachers, Daniela is along with Maya García the co-founder of Pianetarium, a pedagogical project based on Valencia- Spain . She has also been part of the  Festival- Concurso Pianissimo as a jury assitant in 2014, 2015, 2016,  2020 and 2021.

Daniela received her Bachelor’s  degree from the Universidad de Antioquia, where she studied with Ana María Orduz,  and her Master’s degree in piano performance from  the CSK (Spain) under the guidance of the musicologist and pianist Luca Chiantore. She is currently pursuing a master degree in Technique and Piano Biomechanics in Esmar, Valencia.

Academic Training

  • Musician (Pianist) – University of Antioquia
  • Master of Soloist Performance – Centro Superior Katarina Gurska

Piano performances

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