Learn musicography and braille notation for piano

For students who start their musical studies from scratch, we will first work on technical aspects, keyboard exploration and placement, along with movement exercises and auditory recognition of musical structures, following the Gordon methodology. 

We consider that lessons on braille musicography should be done only when students already have some musical knowledge bases and are previously familiar with the braille alphabet.

For the music reading and writing lessons, we will explain how the music notation in ink works in parallel to the music notation symbols in braille. So from the first reading class, we will be able to transcribe scores of our favorite methods and perform musical solfège exercises.

Classes designed according to your goals and preferences

Each one of our students implies a new challenge and for this reason we have a series of personalized dynamics, having lessons adjusted to each need. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our students with their learning experience and the fulfillment of their musical, academic and personal goals. Learn musicography and braille notation for piano in a different way at your own pace.

aprendemos Jugando
Start from scratch, regardless of your age

Themes and theoretical-practical exercises completely personalized at the pace you want.

¿Por qué aprender a tocar el piano?
Get ready to pass your piano and music language conservatory applications.

We customize your preparation for the entrance exam to the conservatory regardless of the level.

Reinforce your piano and musical language skills

Complement your conservatory studies with our weekly reinforcement sessions.

somos Bilingues
Braille Piano Lessons in English and Spanish

Classes for native students or people who choose to learn by practicing a second language.

Piano lessons and Braille notation for children

ilustracion de oruga clases para niños

From 4 years old and up. Face-to-face lessons of up to 40 minutes.

Piano lessons and Braille musicography for adults and youths

ilustracion de dinosaurio clases para adultos

From 12 years old and up in all levels. Classes of 1 hour.

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