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Pianetarium is the place  where creativity and observation come together in piano learning.

Welcome to Pianetarum

A music space created just for you

quienes somos pianetarium
Profesora de piano Daniela Ocampo

Hi! We are Daniela and Maya, piano teachers and co-founders of Pianetarium

When we were younger, we loved visiting the planetarium, to look at the sky and contemplate the universe. Pianetarium works in a similar way: we contemplate the music and discover the world through it.

We have many years of experience as teachers and piano performers, we have a well-rounded methodology and a passion for teaching and using technology. Our lessons are student-centered: we focus on our student’s individual learning style, learning needs and personal interests.

We want to help you achieve your music learning goals, whether you plan on applying to a Conservatory or University, you dream about learning to play a specific piece or style of music, being able to read any music notation, improvise or compose your own pieces using the piano.

Or maybe… you just want to learn something new and have fun!

We aim to build a positive and healthy relationship with all of our students.

We believe it is important to help our students develop creativity. Our lessons usually include a combination of different activities: sight-reading, aural skill training, music reading, rote playing, music theory games and worksheets, off-the-bench movement, improvisation and composition.

quienes somos pianetarium
Profesora de piano Maya Garcia

Get to know us…

Where are we?

We offer face-to-face lessons around the city of Valencia (Spain) and its surrounding areas.

But for online classes… there are no geographical limitations!

We have students in different parts of the world: Germany, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States and Panama. Our schedules are flexible to adapt to your time zone.

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