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Somos PIanetarium - Academia de Piano en Valencia
Musica en braille para piano Musicografia braille
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Custom-made piano lessons

Lessons at your home or in our piano studios in Valencia.
Online lessons around the world.
Music theory and aural skill training.
Braille music writing lessons.

Repertorio y temáticas variadas
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Lessons for children and adults of any age

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Training for admission exams

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Performance opportunities

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Enrollment in piano competitions and festivals

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Audiovisual recordings to keep track of your learning process

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Musical education for everyone

Music reading and writing using braille notation
Music theory and ear training lessons using Gordon’s music learning theory approach

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Piano lessons for all levels, learn in a different way.

somos Creativos

We are Creative

Improvise, compose and imagine.

aprendemos Jugando

We use game-based learning

We work with different educational resources and personalize our lessons based on our student’s interests.

somos Investigadores

We are academic

We are certified teachers. We research, get enrolled on music pedagogy courses and make part of different teacher associations.

Somos Inclusivos

We aim for inclusive teaching

We have music in braille notation training. We believe all students should have the same education opportunities.

tenemos Calidad Humana

We are kind and warm

We encourage respect, equality, critical thinking, perseverance, listening skills and communication.

somos Bilingues

We are bilingual

We are fluent in english and spanish.

Learn to play the piano from the comfort of your home or in our studios in Valencia, Spain

Face-to-Face Classes

clases de piano en modadlidad presencial

In the classroom or at your home You choose! Coverage for classes in Valencia Capital.

Online Piano Leassons

Clases de piano online

Online lessons of 30, 40 and 60 minutes with an intensity of 1 or 2 times a week.

Our experience in the world

Students from different countries trust their learning in Pianetarium, our tailor-made methodology adapts to all ages and all environments. We offer in-person and in-home lessons at our Piano Valencia locations, and online piano lessons for everyone. Contact us for more information:

Mapa Pianetarium

Need more information?

If you want to know more about our classes, methods, rates and other inquiries. You can write to us using the form below.

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